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Spirit Horse Collection



The Shoes:
I’ve been collecting old horseshoes from ranches, fields, barns, and stables throughout the southwest for over 30 years. I never knew why—whenever I found one, I just gave it a home. But I did know this: each shoe had a history and horse behind it, and that spoke to me. I also loved the various legends surrounding the power of horseshoes to bring good luck and deter evil spirits.

Who couldn't use a bit of that these days?

A few years ago, I began adding vintage charms and talismans also found along the way to the shoes. I gifted them to friends and family as a physical reminder that good fortune is always there for us, sometimes we just need to recognize it. 

Peace, love and luck for all!

The Artist:
Artist and devoted horsewoman, Patty Fair lives just outside of Austin, Texas with her husband, artist and musician Jad Fair, their mischievous doodle mutts, Button & Blanket, and, of course, their two amazing horses: Ringo & Bandit.



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The Showtime Collection

(beaded shoes)
These old shoes, rusted and worn, were factory produced and nailed on with little modification—they needed help celebrating their story.  Each one offers a unique combination of color, materials and charms.

The Happy Trails Collection
These handsome, perfectly imperfect shoes are just too beautiful to cover up. They were custom fit and forged many moons ago— just a hint of color and whimsy enhance the stories they have to tell.


The Spirit Horse

These are simply extraordinary shoes that found their way to me. So old, so beautiful, they evoked memories, dreams and visions of horses long gone from their earthly limits, flying free forever. 

These Lucky Horseshoes are hand-crafted with much patience, inspiration and love. The charms, trinkets and talismans used are very old and need careful handling.  All are meant for indoor display only.